Why Am I Always Tired in Franklin? Part 2: Anemia

Why Am I Always Tired in Franklin?

Part 2: Anemia

Chiropractic Franklin WI Exhaustion

"WHY AM I ALWAYS TIRED?" - Part 2: Anemia

By David M. Gustitus, chiropractor in Franklin, WI

Hypothyroid? Adrenal Fatigue? Brain Fog?

Do you wake up tired? Do you rely on food or caffeine for an energy boost? Are you longing for the time in your life when you had abundant energy to wake up feeling good, be productive all day long and not flop onto your bed at night in a state of exhaustion? If this is you, then you need to read this.

Energy is a requirement for life to exist.

If your body is low on energy then the functions that require energy will suffer. In addition to feeling sluggish, low energy can show up, for example, in how your brain, immune system, and digestive system function. Low energy may show up in the brain as difficulty concentrating such as when reading, making decisions or trying to remember what you were looking for when you opened the refrigerator door. Low energy may show up in your immune function as having frequent colds/flus, ear infections or taking a long time for your body to heal injuries and recover from illness. Your digestive system may be sluggish with low energy. This may show up as indigestion after your meals or as constipation, indicating that your body isn't efficiently processing the food you eat.

What could be the cause?

Toxicities and deficiencies are two of the main reasons why the body departs from homeostasis, a.k.a. a state of balanced function. First, if your body is trying to process, store or eliminate toxins, then it is spending energy on that process in addition to trying to overcoming the interference that the toxin creates in your systems. Second, a deficiency in any nutrient that the body requires will cause the affected system not to work. Let's look at one common cause of low energy.


Imagine trying to exercise while holding your breath. Your body needs oxygen more than any other nutrient for survival. Common causes of low oxygen levels are heart disease, poor physical fitness, respiratory illness, and anemia. Without adequate oxygen your cells will not be able to generate enough energy. For many in my practice, heart disease, fitness, and respiratory health have already been assessed and addressed but the remaining and commonly missed variable is anemia. Women are more likely to experience anemia from excess menstrual blood loss or a lack of adequate iron in their diet. Vegetarians need to be careful to include enough iron-rich foods in their diets. In other cases, some are too busy to eat regular, healthy meals denying themselves the necessary iron from which their body makes oxygen-carrying hemoglobin. Blood tests for iron are essential and if coupled with a careful health and dietary history help to determine if nutritional or other modification is necessary.

There are many other possible reasons why your energy levels may be low, such as heavy metal or other toxicity, chronic infection, gut bacterial imbalance, other hormonal imbalances, medication side effects, depression, and sleep deprivation to name a few. If you are struggling with low energy and it is affecting your life, then please reach out to me at 414-858-1212 and schedule a complimentary consultation. I look forward to working with you to address the root cause of your health problem and find your path to a better life.


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