Chiropractic Testimonials

"Going to Dr. Dave has been a breeze! I initially went to him for a consultation to treat foot issues and head/neck pain. After my first adjustment, I noticed that night that my chronic heartburn was gone and it hasn't returned! I am also seeing improvement with my other issues with each appointment. The calm atmosphere in the treatment area and gentle way that he approaches educating his patients makes you feel like it's a place you want to be. Dr. Dave and his staff are incredibly welcoming and will go out of their way to make your visit a positive one! I am so happy that I began coming to Rhythm of Life Chiropractic."

- Sue K.

"The Chiropractic care given by Dr. Gustitus is superb, excellent and, most importantly, Effective. My past problems with chronic headaches and also with lower back pain have have been greatly reduced, thanks to Dr. Gustitus. In addition, the peaceful, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere at Rhythm of Life Chiropractor Care Center makes every visit an enjoyable experience and a worthwhile time spent. I recommend it to anyone who wants results. And... it's a "safe place" for anyone who tends to be intimidated by the "Doctor's office."

- Fr. Bill S.

“The Rhythm of Life team is AWESOME! They are so caring and welcoming! They care not only about your spine but about your total health and wellbeing! I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor at first but after experiencing improvement, have totally changed my view! Chiropractors are like a hidden tool for health and relief of pain that no one tells you about!! I've also learned so much from Dr. Dave about how so many ailments can be related to issues with the spine which means you're ‘fixing’ more than just your back! Sometimes back pain isn't even an issue for someone, but adjustments of the spine could help relieve seemingly unrelated symptoms! It's truly amazing! If you're ‘lucky’, you may even get to meet Dr. Dave's adorable dog, Lucky, during one of your visits! Such a sweetheart!”

- Elizabeth S.

“Think you know about chiropractic? Think again. Dr. Gustitus and his staff offer complete holistic approach to health and wellness through chiropractic care. Everyone at Rhythm of Life contributes to the overall first class experience you'll receive from the minute you step foot in the door. My sons and I now see them regularly and the results have been amazing. The best part is the education behind the care plan and constant updates on your progress. Not only will you leave the office feeling better, but you'll also have a much better understanding of how chiropractic care contributes to so much of your overall health and wellness. We love this place!”

- John W.

“After over a year and a half of ongoing pain caused by a motorcycle accident and workplace injury, I was given the option of trying chiropractic treatment. I was very skeptical because I knew very little of the science or medical aspect behind chiropractic adjustments. I had heard horror stories of improper spinal adjustments causing issues but considering none of the treatments I had tried thus far were working I was willing to give it a shot. I was given a choice of 5 chiropractors and thankfully I chose to see Dr. Dave at Rhythm of Life.

When I first started treatment with Dr. Dave, he was very thorough in his examination and explanation of exactly what he found wrong with my spine. He took great care to explain his plans to help realign my spine so my body could begin to heal itself. As he says, ‘the goal is to find the source of the problem and solve it, rather than just bury it under pain killers and band aids.’ Now 8 months later my pain has drastically decreased, my daily function and capability, while still not fully recovered, have shown significant improvement. Most impressive to me is that I went from needing to take a prescription strength antacid for acid reflux daily if not twice daily to now only needing it once or twice a week.

The entire crew at Rhythm make it hard to not leave with a smile on your face. Jennifer and Stevie are both extremely polite and kind, extending a welcoming greeting to every person who walks through the door, greeting most if not all by name. Dr. Dave is as polite and charismatic as he is knowledgeable and willing to assist and guide you in whatever your path to a pain free day is and shows genuine excitement and enthusiasm when you show improvement. While I would never wish injury upon anyone or the need to seek medical care or treatment, if you do find yourself in this boat, I can safely say beyond a doubt I would 100% recommend meeting with Dr. Dave for a consultation and see what he can do to help you achieve better health and happiness.”

- Nick B.

“I recently moved back to SE Wisconsin and needed to find a Chiropractor to deal with some lingering lower back pain. I found ROL Chiropractic using a Google search and had my first appointment with Dr. Gustitus about 2 months ago. He reviewed my recent X-rays from my previous Chiropractor and then we went into a detailed discussion of my history and goals. I came back the following day after he had a chance to study my X-rays and come up with a treatment plan.

While my previous Dr. focused on the pain in my lower back, Dr. Gustitus told me he treats the whole spine. By the time I came in for my first round of treatments the following Monday, I was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. My range of motion was very limited and everything I did, getting out of bed, in and out of the car was a painful task. Within a few treatment sessions, I started to notice a difference.

24 sessions later, I feel great, I have my full range of motion, no pain, and don't even think about it anymore. I highly recommend this practice. Dr. Gustitus and his staff, Jennifer and Stevie are awesome. Friendly, helpful and you can tell that they all genuinely care about their patients. What really impressed me was the Saturday after my first full week of treatment, Dr. Gustitus called me to check in and ask me how I was doing. I was still struggling, but it was improved. He asked for my trust in him and promised I would be feeling better soon. He was right and I am so thankful I found this chiropractic practice. I am now on a maintenance program with weekly adjustments and I feel fantastic. I have friends with similar issues, and they are treating their back pain with drug therapy. I am so glad that my problem was resolved without prescription drugs to stop the pain.

I am very happy and satisfied with my experience with Rhythm of Life Chiropractic and highly recommend them to anyone looking for chiropractic services!”

- Paul C.

“Have stenosis in the spine causing leg weakness at age 62. Tried a shot; no good. Tried meds; no good. Thought I'd try this before questionable results surgery. It's working! I hiked Pinnacle Peak in AZ last week and a couple months ago I could hardly walk 1/4 mile. They have a wholistic approach to things and tailor make their approach to your issue. Very flexible appointments. Excellent staff.”

- Darrell F.

“I am amazed at my experience at this chiro. Not only is the location beautiful and clean but it is also conducive to my family by having a play area for my two-year-old and being patient with her. Also, the staff is personable, accommodating and I actually feel the difference this has made for my pregnancy. I would only recommend this place for any of your chiro needs, as well continue to go here for all of family needs. I feel fortunate to have found this place."

- Courtney G.

“I started looking for a chiropractor when my knees suddenly decided they were not going to cooperate on runs anymore. Dr. Dave seemed like the only one who genuinely cared about a full body approach to healing and wellness. I am not even done with my treatments yet and I am already back up to 8 miles a day. It is without a doubt he is the reason I am able to run again. I was never a big believer in chiropractic care, but how can you deny results like this? I am now a firm believer that along with the rest of your body, you absolutely have to take care of your spine. Thank you for giving me my running ability back!”

- Jill B.

“This year in January my mom died. I lost a huge support to my family. Immediately following, the covid pandemic hit. Then in the midst of so much more, we were told my daughter had scoliosis.... so we went to Dr Dave because of his noted qualifications on the website.

What I love most about ROL was that the staff were a support to me and not only were they a practical help to my daughter; offering a treatment, but Dr. David, Jennifer and Stevie were unbelievably comforting to me during a time of loss and uncertainty. The treatment plan was heavy but produced immediate posture correction and my daughter took ownership in her own care as ROL has all the necessary tools for physical therapy right there in the office. ROL is a ‘one stop shop’. My daughter’s spine has improved, she has learned practical exercises to improve posture, and I-as the parent, felt intellectually supported as I learned HOW chiropractic care would help, and emotionally supported as I was literally hugged each time I burst into tears.

Go to Dr Dave! He’s really great!”

- Christie B.

“My husband and I were looking for a doctor close by, but nothing measured up, so we travel over an hour round trip for each visit and it is worth it! It is a very pleasant, clean, friendly, smooth-running, high energy atmosphere. Dr. Dave is extremely knowledgeable of the human body, can answer thoroughly any questions I have, and takes the time to educate his patients, making sure we understand everything. His treatment plan is customized to each individual and I felt a difference almost instantly. I often hear other clients saying the same thing.

I love how each exercise, adjustment, traction therapy session, etc. feels productive. I can feel the improvement each time. His ‘body heals itself’ approach to rehabilitation, his free online exercise program, and valuable nutritional advice is the whole package. His assistants are also very helpful and kind. We always leave the office feeling great and in high spirits.”

- Erin O.

“I couldn't recommend more. I've dealt with back pain for most of my life due to the many strenuous activities I've done: I played football, wrestled and competed in martial arts for many years, was in the Marine Corps infantry, and I now work in an ER where I'm on my feet for 12+ hours a day. All of this accumulated to low back and neck pain that bothered me 24/7 and caused me to lose sleep, mitigated my focus, and interfered with my workouts.

When I started seeing Dr. Gustitus, I fully understood that you don't get overnight results with chiropractic care and that it takes time and commitment. However, I was pleasantly surprised that after only 3 months of being adjusted and doing the exercises recommended by Dr. G, my pain levels drastically decreased, my spinal mobility increased, and my sleep, focus, workouts, and overall mood improved greatly.

If you were to go to Rhythm of Life Chiropractic you would be receiving the highest of care. Not only is the care individualized and holistic, but they utilize many different methods to get you feeling your best (adjustments, exercises, traction etc.). Also, Dr. G's knowledge of health and wellness goes so far behind just spinal health, and it's apparent that he embodies health and wellness in his everyday life and wants the same for his patients. I've had countless talks about anything and everything health related and you can expect the same! They truly go above and beyond for all of their patients.

As an added bonus, the whole staff are extremely nice and inviting which has resulted in the great environment they've created there.”

- Nick G.


After over a decade of bouncing between doctors/specialists/procedures etc., it has been such a RELIEF to have found Rhythm of Life.

Being referred to Dr. Dave has been a breath of fresh air. The attention he gives, understanding, willingness to share his knowledge, and plain honesty is so appreciated after being tossed around in the medical industry for so many years, with absurd amounts of bills and minimal results.
I initially saw a chiropractor a couple years back, which was helpful, but Rhythm of life takes it so many more steps above and beyond.

To be able to get an X-ray and actually SEE my oh so messed up body and what he's able to correct, to the insight/knowledge Dr. Dave gives you on understanding what Chiropractic care actually is and how your body functions... or isn't functioning, to the spinal hydration, additional exercises, and so much more is why I will be a lifelong member, not as a 'patient' of a 'clinic' but as a member of the culture and community they have built.

From the moment you walk through the doors you feel at ease, you feel taken care of.
Every appointment I look forward to being welcomed by Stevie and Jennifer, who both are always so helpful, polite and in good spirits.

To those, like myself, who have suffered for so long and been disappointed at every turn, I implore you to stop in and discover/experience the difference.
And to those who think chiropractic care is just getting your back cracked, I dare you to still believe that after just one visit. ;)”

- Rachel O.

“I first contacted Rhythm of Life Chiropractic because Dr. Dave is one of the few chiropractors in this area who specializes in chiropractic biophysics. This is a proactive approach that uses techniques such as traction to try to remove the unique kinks and twists in your spine that are causing you pain, numbness, etc. I had some very positive experience with another practitioner who unexpectedly left the area about a year ago. I was hoping Dr. Dave could help me to continue the improvement I experienced with that practitioner.

For 10 years other doctors and chiropractors told me nothing could be done for my back. I made major lifestyle changes, put up with annoying pain, stiffness and numbness and once every 6 months or so I would experience a crisis that could cause havoc for days or even months. In the three plus years since I first started chiropractic biophysics my daily symptoms have been less severe, and I have had no major crises.

With so few options in this area for chiropractic biophysics I was happy to find that Rhythm of Life Chiropractic is a modern clean facility that seems to have all the latest equipment and technology. More importantly, Dr. Dave and his staff, Jennifer and Stevie, have been terrific to work with. They have created a friendly upbeat environment and they really seem to care about helping their clients improve their health and lifestyle. I recently began cycling again. This used to be my favorite pastime, but I had to give it up over 10 years ago because of my back problems. My 10-mile rides are a far cry from the 50 to 100 milers I used to do, but before starting treatments with Dr. Dave a few months ago I wondered whether I would ever even get on a bike again. This is just one small change in the right direction. Hopefully, with the help of Dr. Dave and Company a lot more positive changes are just around the corner.”

- Paul J.

“Dr. Dave and his staff are amazing!

Before seeing Dr. Dave, I had a negative experience with a Chiropractor. I was in intense pain and frustrated that I was not getting help or answers. I was told I needed surgery for carpal tunnel, but I just did not believe that was the answer.

I decided to give Dr. Dave a call, and I wish I would have gone sooner.

Dr. Dave takes the time to explain what is going on and how chiropractic can help you. I could barely use my right hand when I saw him. I am 1.5 years in, and not only do I have my right hand back and working again, I feel better overall! Adding chiropractic care to my lifestyle has been a game changer for my health.”

- Erin Z.

“Dr. Dave is a true HEALER!

I walked into his office yesterday feeling like I needed to go to the emergency. My heart was racing, my head pounding and sweating profusely. Within 10 mins of my adjustment, I felt completely normal again??!! I think I am still in shock over it!

I don't know how he does it, but I am really grateful for it. With the health challenges I face, there has been no other doctor who has come close to helping me as much as Dr. Dave.

Thanks for being so amazing Dr. Dave! And thank you to his amazing support staff Stevie & Jen who are always there making everyone feel special! Love you gals! <3”

- Melissa N.

“I am so grateful for Dr. Dave. I have learned so much about my own health and about the importance of chiropractic for my health. I have been seeing Dr. Dave for about 9 months now and I am no longer on any medications (I was on 2 at the start), I sleep much better, and I rarely have any headaches (which I was having one almost every day when I first came in). I plan to regularly get adjusted for the rest of my life because I now know how important it is for my overall health, all thanks to Dr. Dave! I consider Dr. Dave my primary care physician and seek his advice first before consulting any other doctor.”

- Jennifer N.

“This chiropractic office is incredible! From the first time you walk in you are greeted by name and feel like family. We bring our 2-year-old daughter in and they play with her and make her feel comfortable. The care has helped my wife turn her whole life around with her Hashimoto’s, and it’s helped me relieve headaches and just feel better. Thank you so much Dr. Dave!”

- Casey J.

“Extremely amazed by Rhythm of Life! Dr. Dave and his team go above and beyond to create a caring and peaceful environment conducive to focusing and healing. This practice is flexible and accommodating, and truly seeks to satisfy patient's needs and schedules. Regarding the care received by Dr. Dave, he is the ONLY health care professional that has successfully helped me. I struggled with ongoing, persistent, and at times unbearable pain in my feet, ankles, and wrists. I spent over 18 months in search of answers; and during that time saw a plethora of MDs of various specialties. None helped. They suggested shots, surgery, or that I see another specialty. One even had the nerve to tell me I needed to stop looking for relief and accept I have chronic pain! Yep, true story.

After about 4 to 5 weeks under Dr. Dave's care, my pain essentially subsided. He was able to identify the root cause of my pain and helped me (still helps me) get better. Dr. Dave's philosophy is to get us better...not merely to make us feel better temporarily, but to actually allow us to get better. He believes in healing his patients and takes the time necessary to get to know us and to customize an approach based on us and our individual circumstances. Would I recommend Dr. Dave and his team? ABSOLUTELY. In fact, I am now taking my 81-year-old Mother to Dr. Dave as well! The only regret I have is not going to Dr. Dave sooner.......”

- Pam C.

“This place is incredible. I really mean it when I say it - Rhythm of Life Chiropractic has made a positive impact in my life. I've had some very low and very high points and some in between over the past few years, and I can honestly say Rhythm of Life has helped me to be the best version of myself. The care and service they provide is above and beyond. The chiropractic technicians and Dr. Dave are amazing individuals. They really treat you as a whole individual, not just looking at the symptoms and giving a temporary fix - they look at everything. They address your stress and the many reasons why you may be in the condition you are in, and they take the time to get down to the roots of it.

I used to have pain in my lower back and on up to my neck and head. The headaches were terrible. It would compromise my studying for school, and it would make me fatigued. I used to have discomfort when doing different tasks. The pain before seemed like it was getting worse. Now, I don't have pain in my lower back. My headaches have went away too. I feel that I'm healthy, strong, and happy. That's another one too - the times I've gone in to see Dr. Dave, I legitimately feel better. My mood improves immediately after treatment. With all that being said, the care has helped shape my spine into correct alignment, which provides optimal communication throughout the entire body. This helps the organs and many different tissues to work as they should be.

He's a doctor I can confide in with just about anything I have going on in my life. He is a book full of knowledge all the way from the spinal/nervous system health to nutrition to fitness. He's a man of integrity. I'm happy, proud, and blessed to have a doctor like him in my life. He always comes to everyday giving the best. I look up to him.”

- Nick T.

“Soo appreciative of Dr. Dave, he has done so much to help me restore my health and get me feeling better. I was in a bad car accident back in May of 2010 and was in physical therapy for 3 months which wasn’t long enough. My back has been in pain ever since and I never thought I’d ever be able to feel relief again. After meeting Dr. Dave and going through the initial consultation and x-rays, I knew I had to take action over my health otherwise I’d be on way to needing surgery at some point in the future. I just had my re-exam done and we went over the new x-rays and results and I was shocked by how much my alignments have improved, as well my reaction time drastically improved and I’m no longer in pain every single day all day anymore.

Dr. Dave is not only knowledgeable about chiropractic health but also gut health as well. I was dealing with extreme fatigue and low energy. He suggested additional blood work to be done and a diet change. He’s worked very closely with me to get me to a point of feeling better. I’ve changed my diet, not quite to the point I want it to be, but I will get there. You can really tell Dr. Dave really cares about his patients and their overall health and well-being. He’s extremely down to earth and caring.”

- Desiree N.

“For total life, body, mind wellness you must choose Dr. Dave! You have never experienced a chiropractor more caring and nurturing of YOUR wellness. Amazing experience and connection for our whole family from 3 years old and up. Thank you, Dr. Dave, for helping our family with a path for continued wellness and longevity!”

- Cat W.

“I've been a patient at Rhythm of Life for approximately 14 years now. I DO NOT have serious back issues, nor have I ever, however I started going to Dr. Dave because I wanted to maintain my health. Similar to keeping your car in good shape, as opposed to bringing it in only when it breaks down, I wanted to be proactive about things and keep in good shape. I work out regularly, teaching martial arts, so I am VERY active. Dr. Dave makes sure I can keep in peak shape, ready to teach class every day. For the occasional time when I'm a little "out of whack" he gets me back in alignment and ready to go right away. Don't wait for aches and pains to come - be proactive and take care of it now. It's a lifestyle!”

- Joe P.


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