Boost Your Health Lately in Franklin?


Chiropractic Franklin WI Boost Your Health

Maintaining your health when you are NOT experiencing a health crisis is akin to repairing the roof of your house BEFORE it rains.

As a chiropractor in Franklin, here's what I've been doing and will keep doing:

  • Getting chiropractic adjustments in Franklin WI - 

    • Spinal movement and alignment are essential to restoring balance to a stressed-out brain and nervous system and we know that stress dominance inhibits the immune system.
    • Another of the many benefits of getting adjusted is that it has been shown to boost levels of secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA). This is an antibody and it is the principal weapon protecting us from pathogens and toxins that might otherwise enter our body through mucosal surfaces. It has been shown to decrease our susceptibility to acquiring upper respiratory tract infections. This study showed a statistically significant boost in sIgA after spinal adjusting procedures. (J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2011 Mar;111(3):143-7. "Impact of osteopathic manipulative treatment on secretory immunoglobulin levels in a stressed population.")

  • Sleep - When we sleep we restore, repair and reset our body. Getting as much sleep as YOU feel you need is important.

  • Exercise - As John J. Ratey, MD points out in his book SPARK, exercise boosts your immune system. Ratey states that even "moderate activity levels rally the immune system's antibodies and lymphocytes." Antibodies help the body by labeling viral and bacterial infections for destruction by immune cells.

  • Meditation/Prayer - According to Richard Davidson, PhD from the University of Wisconsin, a study showed that those who meditated or prayed for just two months saw "systematic changes" in their brains and immune systems, for example, they produced more antibodies to a flu virus than those who had not done the same.

  • Optimize Nutrition - Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on vegetables. You'll get the best source of vitamins and minerals from the same source that your multivitamins get them. However, the natural sources will also have all of the thousands of co-factors and micronutrients that a synthetic multivitamin will not have. I recommend covering your micronutrient bases by taking a whole food supplement like Catalyn from Standard Process, grown on organic Wisconsin farmland. Other required daily supplements as they are not feasible to obtain from even the healthiest of diets in today's world are: vitamin D, Omega 3's, and probiotics. Additional supplements you can add to boost your health and or fight infection are: zinc, echinacea, lysine, lauricidin, oregano oil, and elderberry.

  • Avoid junk food, especially sugar - Junk foods are calorie-rich and low in nutrients making digestive work for your body with no reward. Consumption of simple sugars has been shown to reduce immune cell response by 40-50% for a few hours. So if you're consuming soda, candy, or other sugary treats throughout the day, then your immune system will be weakened all day as well.


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